South End Vintage Market: Vendor Profile - Girls Make Graves Vintage

Girls Make Graves Vintage

"Clothes Resurrected, Style Reborn."

Who We Are:  We are a nomadic vintage shop roaming free, peddling revived articles of clothing, small antiques, and oddities that please the senses. The bulk of merchandise dug up from the dead range from 50’s garb to early 90’s throwback gear. We ain’t got no type.

Mission: To bring life back to buried treasures. To evoke a feeling of wonder and imagination through fashion.  To bask in starry nights with live music blaring and new experiences with the movers and shakers. To create temporary pleasures and ever lasting memories. The only destination is the open road, collecting all things bad ass that got soul (maybe a hitchhiker or two).

Why Us: Style, to us, is a sport of expression. We carefully dig for the most funky, trendy, unique, rare, vintage pieces that reflect our undying love for nostalgia. We have something for everyone with an unapologetic and outspoken sense of style. Only the livest pieces breathe on through the grave. We all have a story to tell.  Wear yours.

Find Us: Sundays at the South End Vintage Market at Ink Block! Our Facebook is always up to date with our Sales and Events too!

Hire Us: Are you looking to get rid of some things and want them to find a new home? We also do closet clean outs and pickups. Just give us a call or send an email and we can pick a funeral date. 

Stayin’ Alive,  
-Lu xo

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